Our lightest Andalusite brick, completely transformed
by the ES technology.

Industrial sectors:
Lime, ES-Series


Two is not always better

Problems faced with 2-layer linings:

  • Complex installation
  • Long installation times
  • High material consumption & costs
  • Loosening of lining & acollapse

The solution:
1-layer lining

With REFRALUSIT® ES, it is possible now to benefit from an ­option with the lowest thermal heat losses combined with the mechanical resistance of a 1-layer lining.

A unique product concept:

  • Simple installation
  • Up to 40 % faster installation
  • Reduced material consumption

And all this with a comparable shell temperature

Comparison of
1-layer and 2-layer linings

REFRALUSIT® ES offers the unique possibility of installing a 1-layer Andalusite lining in the burning and calcining zone, ­because conventional Andalusite bricks would lead to a roughly 30 % higher shell temperature, which previously prohibited their use.

And finally: The coolest part

If the focus is a reduction of the shell temperature with a 2-layer lining, REFRALUSIT® ES is the best choice.

Thanks to the innovative ES technology – which is used in an alumino-silicate brick for the first time – a ­combination of ­REFRATHERM® 150 with the unique properties of REFRALUSIT® ES enables the shell temperature to be reduced by about 10 %.


Advantages at a glance

  • REFRALUSIT® ES helps to reduce thecarbon footprint
  • The 1-layer lining concept makes installation easier
  • Up to 40% faster lining installation (1-layer lining)
  • Lowest heat losses – both with 1-layer and 2-layer linings
  • Reduced lining weight and therefore kiln load
  • Reduced transport costs and import duties
  • Higher performance achieved by a thicker wear lining
  • Reinforced sinter bonding and a finer structure lead to higher strengths and an up to 25 % lower heat flow

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