An innovative injection system.

Industrial sectors:
Steel, NF-metals, Aluminium, Others

Injection: Intelligent, innovative

We have developed this innovative injection system specifically for our REFRAJET® Nanobond dry-gunning concretes. ­REFRAJET® Addmix reduces material rebound as well as dust generation at the injection nozzle.

As a result, you can count on improved mechanical properties and reduced porosity.


The material

  • The dry material has a practically unlimited storage life and requires no special marking, as it is manufactured without chemical additives or binders.
  • Bonding strength and layer thickness on refractory surfaces can be adjusted and varied without any problems.
  • Product properties are significantly improved:
    • onding on worn refractory surfaces is greatly improved.
    • Pre-wetting the concrete results in a denser concrete ­struture with reduced porosity.
    • Compared with the standard procedure, cold crushing strength and cold modulus of rupture can be increased ­significantly.


  • Pre-wetting by means of a centrally injected aerosol greatly reduces the risk of hose blockages
  • Dust generation is also reduced noticeably – particularly ­during overhead work
  • Material rebound is also reduced clearly
  • Fine particle activation is more intense than with the standard procedure
  • The gunning operator is not hampered additionally: He simply works as accustomed with his standard equipment, because the injection parameters are adjusted by the injection machine operator via the system‘s control unit.

The REFRAJET® Addmix nozzle

  • The nozzle can be used with practically every conventional rotor injection machine
  • All parts of the REFRAJET® Addmix nozzle are easy to replace
  • The injection of other liquids or powders is possible
  • In order to reduce dust gene-ration and material rebound, ­REFRAJET® Addmix can also be used with hydraulically bonding refractory concretes