The Mixcrete concept:
It‘s the mixture that counts.

Industrial sectors:


Lower storage costs

Mixing of standard low-cement types permits a more uniform product range to be held in stock. Consequently, a reduced number of products results in simpler storage, shorter storage times, and reduced storage costs. By means of individual use or bagwise mixing of up to six Mixcrete products or five Mixcrete combinations, both the normal and the highly stressed zones of a cement plant can be covered – from the cyclone stages up to the breaker in the cooler.


Mixing ratios and combinations

Depending on the recommended mixing ratios (3:1, 2:1, and 1:1), the flexibly applicable installation concept permits graded SiC contents of about 12 … 25 % by weight, so that – particularly ­under the aspects of alkali resistance, higher thermal loading, reduced stress susceptibility, and lower expansion tendency – it is possible to obtain specific product properties locally and at any time, which are matched to the respective zone.