Refratechnik Hybrid castables: Also suited for low temperatures.

Industrial sectors:
Steel, NF-metals, Aluminium

The new development: Hybrid technology

Hybrid technology permits the combination of faster heat-up and high strength at low temperatures. It is therefore­ ­ideally suited for applications in which high strengths are required in the range of 20…1000 °C; for example in the production of ­prefabricated components or the lining of fluidized bed furnaces and refuse incineration plants.


Strength comparisons of REFRACAST® Hybrid F-60 AR/R and a Sol-Gel bonded castable.

Clearly advantageous

Cold crushing strength of hybrid castables and Sol-Gel bonded castables at 20 °C/24 h; Hybrid castables exhibit a significant increase in cold crushing strength.


Hybrid castables make all the difference

compared with conventional cement containing castables:

  • Faster heating up with shorter downtimes
  • Cost and energy-saving
  • Very good adherence to existing refractory materials
  • Installation possible on hot surfaces and with high ambient temperatures
  • Higher application temperature limits
  • Optimized thermomechanical behaviour
  • Long storage life of 12 months
  • Increased cold crushing strength and modulus of rupture as well as optimized abrasion resistance in the temperature range below 1000 °C.