Easy Dry (ED)
The cement-free refractory concrete technology.

Industrial sectors:


High demands in the cement industry

During the past years, the technical and economic demands of the global cement industry have increased significantly.
This leads to clear specifications for our refractory products, as required for modern production processes.


Energy efficiency is a decisive factor

Comprehensive practical tests have confirmed that use of the new Easy Dry (ED) refractory concretes leads to significant ­savings in time and energy.

  • Up to 60% faster heating-up times
  • Up to 70% earlier re-commissioning

Outstanding properties

Apart from the successful material properties of cementitious refractory concretes, the new cement-free (ED) refractory ­concretes have been matched precisely to the specifications of the cement industry:

  • Adapted for all installation methods: Wet gunning (Jetcrete process), casting/vibrating, pumping, dry gunning
  • Insensitive to heat-up: Improved thermomechanical strength during the heat-up phase
  • Stress-insensitive performance

Key benefits

The new Easy Dry (ED) refractory concretes have been developed and tested successfully.

The results in everyday use are convincing:

  • Suitable for all static areas of the cement ­clinker production line, including kiln inlet and outlet
  • Suitable for all installation procedures
  • Meets the demands for fast heat-up and re-commissioning
  • Significant energy savings
  • Simple storage and easy handling