Longest service life without emissions.

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Properties of MgO-C bricks

Due to the high temperatures during use, the bricks go through a process in which many application-relevant properties are changed. All mechanical and physical properties in magnesia carbon bricks depend on the thermal history, meaning their ­working temperature. In the furnaces, temperature profiles ­develop from the hot face to the cold side of the lining. ­Accordingly, the properties of the magnesia carbon wear lining change constantly, from pre-heating until the last charging in the furnace, which causes inhomogeneous properties inside the bricks to be distributed.

Different emissions can be released, particularly during the pre-heating phase of a furnace lined with magnesia carbon bricks.


Easier environmental compliance

Easier compliance with environmental legislation, and increased service life – these were the aims of CERAMAC® development. The pre-fired material reduces smoke generation and the release of particles, while simultaneously improving the mechanical ­properties.

Increased ladle durability

Following the successful introduction of the REFRAFLEX® ­bonding, Refratechnik developed the CERAMAC® product range. Hereby, thermally processed MgO-C bricks are involved. Because of the pre-firing temperatures (near the operating temperatures), a partially-ceramic bond is formed, which lends completely new properties to the bricks.

The CERAMAC® brick stands out due to its unique combination of a flexible carbon bond with a stable ceramic bond.


Durability is increased by up to 10%

In the process, the bond matrix is graphitized, which has a positive impact on the mechanical properties and the oxidation behavior of the products. Thermal pre-treatment removes all of the volatile components from the bricks so that when they are pre-heated or used, no smoke or odors are released. The CERAMAC® product line has undergone comprehensive testing and has been tried in different standard applications, thus proving its benefits, which include service life increases of up to 10%.

Emission-free pre-heating as well as the increased service life make the CERAMAC® brick one of the most intelligent refractory solutions in steel production.

(Image: Microstructure of a CERAMAC® brick: Magnesia or periclase (light gray) and graphite (dark gray))


Advantages at a glance

  • Emission-free heating up
  • Durability is increased by up to 10%
  • Outstanding service life
  • Reduced smoke generation and lower release of particles in the lining concepts
  • Cost reduction